April 2, 2016

About Inkan

Inkan is the mother of Anton, born at 30 weeks and Alex born at 37 weeks. Experiencing PROM at 23 weeks when pregnant with Anton, Inkan found hope and solace through the Internet community preemie-l, where the Preemie-heart was born.

Inkan runs Swedish mailing lists addressed to prematurity, i.e. “preemie-sweden”. She is also the founder of The PROM page providing PPROM (Preterm Premature Ruptures Of Membranes) information and support to parents from the whole world. She wishes that every child born prematurely would be able to get a chance for a good life through proper medical care, but most importantly to increase the knowledge concerning premature deliveries in order to save future babies from being born prematurely.

Inkan lives in Jönköping, Sweden, with her husband and children. She works as a service manager with health care systems integrations, also studied art and worked with support & information.