One day a child was born, too early, too small but loved as much as any child could be

The Preemie Purple Heart

The Preemie Purple Heart is a symbol of unity, love, and understanding among families like ours. As it has for many years now, the Heart keepsake provides a meaningful way to commemorate our personal experiences and express our gratitude, understanding, and compassion for others in these trying times.


Preemie hearts are handcrafted, made of Czech glass and sterling silver. Like all preemies it is strong, but not so strong to withstand a crushing blow.


Purple is regal; the color of kings and queens, which all preemies are.

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Silver teardrop

The silver teardrop is a tribute to the preemies we have lost, symbolic of the tears shed by all preemie families during these trying times.

Each heart is unique

All hearts are the same shape, but the lines of each are different, representing each preemie family´s unique struggle.

The Preemie Purple Heart

Unifying the Preemie community through compassion and hope
Founded in 1997
15 000 issued Worldwide
Proceeds to Preemie Charities

The Preemie Purple Heart team

Sold all over the world, the Preemie Purple Heart is delivered from the US and Sweden


Founder – Colorado, US
Renea in the mother of three premature babies, 28 weeker Andrew and 31 week twins Maggie and Cora.


Jönköping, Sweden
Inkan is the mother of Anton, born at 30 weeks after PPROM at 23+5 weeks and Alex born at 37 weeks.


Preemie Purple Hearts was founded in 1997 by a preemie mom, Renea Ericson. It was designed as a symbol of the unity and strength the online preemie community offered her and her family during their preemie journey. What she didn't know was how much this little glass heart would mean to people all around the world Since then, the Preemie Heart keepsake has grown to become one of the most meaningful symbols of preemie unity throughout preemie homes and NICUs around world.

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